Prayer for the Fourth Sunday in Lent:

Lord God giver of eternal life and hope; we praise You for Your goodness and mercy.  Moved by our brokenness and rebellion, You sent Your Son, Jesus the Messiah, to restore us to peace with You, others and ourselves.

We are grateful for Christ and His obedience to face the cross and suffer on our behalf.  Sharpen our focus upon Him, so that we might respond with appropriate gratitude to His sacrifice for us.  We ask this in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Sermon: Divorce, Children, and Fig Trees

Pastor Guy McCaslin
Mark 10-11

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All I Want (Lyrics)

Steal away my selfish gain
Lead me into your perfect ways, oh Lord
Keep my heart fixed upon
Bringing glory to Your name

My delight is found only in
The splendor of Your love
Your presence, oh God
I find My joy is in Your truth

My desire is more of You in my life
Nothing satisfies like You God
Flood my eyes till all I see is Your light
Hear my only cry
All You are is all I want

Let Your Spirit be the fire
Burning in my life
Let the grace You have given
Come and be my guide
Keep my pride on the altar
Let Your word fill my mind
All You are is all I want
All You are is all I want
Lord, all You are is all I want