Mission Statement

Applewood Community Church exists to honor God by developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. A fully devoted follower seeks to:

  • Celebrate God through worship. Matthew 22:37-38
  • Commit to serving through ministry. Matthew 22:39
  • Cultivate spiritual growth through discipleship. Matthew 28:20
  • Care for one another through fellowship. Ephesians 2:19
  • Communicate the good news through evangelism, by means of Christian formation. Matthew 28:19
Applewood Community Church

Core Values

With our focus on Jesus Christ, Applewood Community church is:

Grounded in Prayer

God answers prayer and we are devoted to listening and responding to His voice.

Striving for Excellence

God is excellent in all His ways, and His greatnesss inspires acts of worship and service.

Seeking Relevance

God’s Word is living and active and produces an authenic Christian lifestyle.

Reflecting His Creativity

God is our Creator who has entrusted us with unique spiritual gifts and talents toedify the Body.

Balanced in Grace and Truth

Jesus Christ is full of grace and truth, and we benefit from these attributes andextend them to others.

Overflowing with Joy

God’s presence brings fullness of joy, which inspires us to live passionately forHim in all of life’s circumstances.

Committed to Outreach

God is light, and we are to reflect His light in the midst of darkness.

Helping people know Jesus, grow in faith & go into the world equipped to serve.