Dear AWCC Women,

I have so enjoyed going through the IF:Gathering content with you all these past several months! We have had a fairly consistent group of attendees, ranging from 8-16 people each month. I was blessed every time women came to learn and connect. Thank you so much to those who helped by making coffee, bringing desserts/snacks, and leading worship. It wouldn’t have happened without you, believe me!!

Now that we are entering the second half of the calendar year, there are a couple of updates to share. First of all, the remaining IF:Applewood nights we have on the schedule are:

August 11
September 8
October 13
November 10

We will be finished with all of the speakers/sessions by November, and we’re likely to do a second screening of Jill Briscoe’s talk sometime this fall as well. Possibly after church one Sunday…?

As we move into these final months, I’d love some feedback from you about how things have gone this year. Please think/pray about the following questions. If you have specific suggestions or thoughts, please respond to me at Otherwise, I am creating a very simple, anonymous survey for you to take to help me keep the data all in one place. ☺ Click HERE for that survey.

  • Do you prefer holding IF:Applewood on one weekend (retreat-style), or spreading it out over the months of the year?
  • If done on one weekend, would you prefer holding it live on Feb 9-10, or doing it in early March (or some other month?)
  • Is it time to move on from the IF:Gathering and find something else to facilitate connection/community/growth?
  • Should we keep doing IF:Tables, or have they run their course?

Thank you so much for your consideration of these issues. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

~Carrie Wallace

Survey link: