A Good Problem to Have

We are getting more and more crowded downstairs with wonderful kids!

  • Imagine nine 1 and 2 year olds in one room — plus at least 3 adults!
  • Imagine  the elementary room full with 15-20 kindergarten—5th graders!
  • Imagine the preschool room with 8-9 preschoolers on a Sunday!

That adds up to a lot of crowded rooms! It’s time to divide a couple of the classes. That’s where you come in!

Here’s the goal and how you can help alleviate our crowded classrooms in 2013:

  • Add more leaders and divide the 1-2 year old class into 2 classes
  • Add more leaders and divide the elementary kids class into Kindergarten—2nd grade and 3rd—5th grade classes.

We have great and easy to teach curriculum for the kids. We just need willing volunteers to teach and love our kids. You’ll learn from them too! One Sunday, the lesson was about sin and what is sin. One of the kids piped up about a sin their parent had shared with them (many years ago, of course!), and another child said, “That’s okay. Everybody makes  mistakes. God will forgive them.” A good reminder for us all.

To be part of a team to care, love and teach our children one Sunday a month, please talk with Will & Mikki for an application and for more information.  Training will be Saturday, January  19 at 1 pm.


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