Congregational Meeting Update

AWCC conducts its  “official” business at periodic Congregational Meetings. At our meeting last Sunday after the service, we affirmed Lori Finn as secretary of the Council of Deacons and Nat Weeks as deacon of discipleship (he had been deacon of outreach).

We also discussed the building project and financing.  The original spending authority for the project was $585,000.  The cost for the completed project will actually come in around 595,000, mostly because of unforeseeable issues related to rehabilitating an older building. The congregation increased the spending authority to $600,000, to cover the costs. God has already provided the funds for the project through the generosity of the AWCC family. The construction is essentially finished. The construction team is completing the punch list (small finishing items).

We discussed our commitment to contribute 5% of our capital funds drive money (currently $16,800 of $336,000 in donations) for church planting somewhere in our
denomination, as God leads us.

We decided that we are happy with the sanctuary carpet as it is, especially since it will have to go during our Phase 2 sanctuary construction (Lord willing).

Lastly, we asked the Building Team to get two bids for reconstruction of the parking lot, including expansion to the west side.  One is a bare bones estimate and the other with more curb appeal.

If you have questions about these issues, about our congregational form of government, or church membership, please feel free to ask any member of the Council of Deacons.


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