Exciting Building News!

We believe we’ve surpassed the contributions needed to meet our remaining expenses!  Praise God!  With our current calculations, we should be able to complete our building project without adding to our mortgage, and even have a surplus. Wow!  The figures
below show remaining expenses versus funds available. From the beginning of the budgeting process we anticipated having to take out a small loan to complete the project, but now we shouldn’t have to do that.

The two-year Capital Funds Campaign that began in October 2010 will end this upcoming September, so please continue contributing any remaining pledged funds through that time, if you are able.  We’re researching next steps for the property (including re-paving/landscaping the parking lot, which has fallen into disrepair, and updating the carpet in the sanctuary) and will try to share those with you soon, so we can talk as a family about
whether or not to take on these projects.  The $11,000 surplus that is projected plus any additional funds contributed will be a great start for any projects we decide to do.

We thank the Lord for His overwhelming faithfulness and blessing in this project.  Thank you also to the AWCC Family for your continued faithful giving!

Outstanding Expenses:
Just Builders – $44,000
Architect – $4,000
Furnishings – $7,000
Landscaping – $15,000
Bridge Loan – $0
Total Outstanding = $70,000

Funds Available:
Cash in Building Fund – $41,000
Cash in Escrow Account – $40,000
Total Funds Available = $81,000

We should not have to add to our mortgage!




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