Kidz Night Out

Greetings, AWCC Family!

It’s time for AWCC to host Kidz Night Out again! We have a fun-filled night planned for the 50+ foster kids who will be attending! That means we need lots of help in the way of volunteers and donations! On Sunday, there will be an insert in the bulletin with a section to fill out for donations and volunteering.  Please fill that out and sign up this Sunday!!

Kidz Night Out is a respite night for the parents and a fun-night for the kids. The kids who attend have been a part of the foster care system in JeffCo. They may currently be living in a foster home, or with grandparents, or with aunts and uncles, or some have been adopted. These kids need a night to be a kid! It also gives the parents an opportunity to have a break, knowing that their kids are in an approved place, with people who have been background checked by the County, and who will care and have fun with their kids.

We will begin the night at 6 pm (for volunteers – although some families start arriving early J). Kids will arrive about 6:30 and we’ll serve dinner. We’re planning on having sandwiches (ham, turkey & Cheese) cut out in the shape of Easter eggs, bunnies, etc., fruit (strawberries, grapes, melons or bananas), and veggies, with water and lemonade to drink.

Then at 7 pm the fun begins! Everything is centered around Easter! There will be games upstairs in the sanctuary. There will be egg decorating  downstairs in the community room, and there will be an Easter Egg Hunt outside. All three age groups (Preschool, 5-9, 10-13) will rotate between those three areas. Depending on the ages of the babies and toddlers, they will also be able to participate in the Easter Egg Hunt, and then return to their rooms for play.

There’s a lot of set-up and preparation that needs to take place to make this happen! So we are planning a work night onWednesday, April 13 after Alafia dinner.  We’ll need help preparing sandwiches, filling eggs, taking the chairs down in the sanctuary, and preparing the activities. Bible Study and prayer will still meet; but any help with set-up will be appreciated! We’ll set up from 7:00 (or so) – 8:30.

We need you! We need you to volunteer and to donate supplies and/or money to help purchase food and supplies! This time, too, we are wanting people who would volunteer to be in prayer for the kids who are in attendance and their families and for the volunteers who will be serving.  We will supply you all the names!

Donations Needed:

  • Plastic eggs — 350 (or donate $8 to purchase 144 eggs)
  • Empty egg cartons
  • Toilet paper and/or paper towel rolls
  • 2-3 dozen blown out eggs (delivered 4/15 by 6 pm)
  • 6 dozen hard boiled eggs (deliver 4/15 by 6 pm)
  • Kids bandaids (to put in the Easter eggs)
  • Small packaged candy (to put in the Easter eggs)
  • Fillers for the Easter Eggs — silly putty eggs, tattoos (or donate $5 to purchase 72 Easter tattoos), porcupine character balls (or donate $18 for 50 critters), bouncy balls, silly bands, stickers (or donate $8 for 500 stickers), Hot Wheel Cars (or donate $19.99 for 50 cars), Glow in the Dark Egg Balls (donate $14 for 24 balls), mini flashlights (or donate $7 for 12 flashlights)
  • Bubble wrap (for decorating the eggs)
  • The cardboard sleeves from lightbulbs (for decorating the eggs)
  • Embroidery floss (any color – for decorating the eggs)
  • Cotton balls
  • Yarn (any color and any amount!)
  • Money to purchase additional supplies and food for KNO

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