Outreach Information

The Outreach Team is Re-organizing!

We need your help to review our efforts regarding outreach, both internationally and locally. Are you interested in talking about what AWCC is supporting currently and how our efforts can be sustained? We need people who are willing to meet once a quarter to discuss and support current and prospective outreach efforts. Our desire is to be a church that reaches out as well as in… and that takes thinking and planning. Contact Rosie for more information. Need not be a missionary to participate!

Coming Soon!  Updates from the AWCC Outreach Team

Starting in July, a quarterly update will be inserted in the bulletin titled “Beyond Our Doors.”  It will provide information on our international and local efforts to bring Christ into our neighborhoods and the world.

Many attendees at AWCC have taken mission trips out of the country and/or participated in local or national outreach organizations. We want to hear your stories so we can join your efforts, pray for you and perhaps help in other ways. Let us know what you’re up to out there!

Contact Rosie to keep us up to date on your involvements.

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