Calling all Bakers (We Need Cookies)

Calling all bakers

– at least fourth grade and older. Let’s come together on November 20th at 2pm at the church to make dough to use for all the cookies for the sleigh ride on Dec 3.

How this will work:

  • Bring ingredients for the cookies you’d like to make.
  • We will have mixers and bowls on hand to make the cookies while you are at church on November 20. Then bring something to take your formed cookies home in.
  • Then each person can make their cookies right before the sleigh ride so they are nice and fresh and extra yummy. The last step will be to deliver your baked cookies to the church the day before the day of the sleigh ride.

Our sleigh ride leader is out of commission this year so we are looking for volunteers for set up coordinator and pick up coordinator. Cheryl has all the details for the specific task to complete each of these duties. Please let her know if you were interested. Thanks! Laura Brant

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