Vitality Team Sub-Teams

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History/Finding our Biblical Story

The Vitality Team is launching activity sub-teams that will each engage a broader group of the congregation to pursue a particular objective.  The Evangelical Covenant has provided materials to help us with this Vitality process.  They recommend a team to search out and document how God has worked through the congregation in the past (History) and a team to cast the history of the congregation into a biblical context (Finding our Biblical Story).  We have decided to merge these activities on a single team, which is led by Charissa and Dale.

This activity is especially timely as we will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of AWCC this fall.  The team will work to deliver a history and story for that celebration.  This looks to be a fun activity and will involve engaging a broad group of both long-time and new members of the Applewood Family, perhaps even hosting a mini- retreat to reflect on what God has done for us.  Please talk to Charissa or Dale if you would like to participate.

Communications Team
The goal of the communications team is to provide a conduit in which the Vitality Team and its activities stay in touch with the congregation. We desire to provide updates on the progress of the different teams as well as the leading that God is providing.   We are seeking the involvement of those who feel called to help develop our communication strategies and use their verbal, artistic, written and technical skills.  If you have questions or are interested in being involved, please contact Paul or Budd.


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