Veritas is Coming!

Mark your calendar for this great event on Sunday afternoon May 19. Brent Thompson, Director of Church Vitality for the Midwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, will be preaching in worship and then leading the AWCC Family in a lunchtime event designed to challenge and focus our thinking about the life and health of AWCC.

Veritas (meaning truth) is a process designed to help local churches understand and live out vitality. Congregational vitality is an emphasis within the Evangelical Covenant Church to help churches evaluate their current status as a healthy missional church through the use of Ten Healthy Missional Markers. “Healthy” means pursuing Christ and “missional” means pursuing Christ’s priorities in the world. Though every church is different, these markers can be used to determine a church’s general level of health and vitality. As you read the description of each marker, consider how you have seen and/or experienced it in the life of AWCC. Below are the first three Healthy Missional Markers:

#1: Centrality of the Word of God
•We believe that the Bible is the only perfect rule for faith,  doctrine and conduct.
•Our preaching and teaching in all settings reflects careful
preparation, relevance and creativity.
•Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to study and apply Biblical truth in ways that lead to a scripturally integrated life.

#2: Life Transforming Walk with Jesus
•We teach our people how to be attentive to Christ in all
•Our people understand the radical nature of the message and mission of Jesus that continually deconstructs and reconstructs a
person’s life.
•Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to use a variety of spiritual growth resources, experiences and settings.

#3: Intentional Evangelism

•We are burdened for the spiritual condition of those who do not yet know Christ.
•We have identifiable pathways for evangelism to take place in our ministries.
•Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to build spiritual friendships and know how to share their faith as God-birthed opportunities arise.


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