CHIC 2012

On Sunday we commissioned our Uth Leaders, Justin and Rachel, and students Toby, Krista, David and Maggie. Pray for them as they leave for University of Tennessee in Knoxville on Saturday for a life-changing week of  worshiping and learning with 6,000 Covenant high school students from across the country.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for God to speak to the hearts of our students.
  • Pray for the students to have a passion to strive to fully follow Jesus.
  • Pray for the students to grow in their faith and have the love of God rain down on each of them.
  • Pray for energy for the leaders as they lead with little sleep!

What is CHIC?

CHIC is open to high school students completing grades 9 through 12 by September of 2012.

A triennial event with a humble, yet rich, history beginning in 1956 when hundreds of high school age Covenanters gathered together as the Covenant High Congress, meeting at Covenant Heights in Estes Park! This event has morphed through the years moving from regional camps centered on small group Bible study and devotion, large group
gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation to outgrowing such venues. This growth prompted a change and in 1972, the East and West Coast Congresses
combined, necessitating a location that was more conducive to the nearly 1,500 students who attended. This much larger group  gathered together, as their predecessors had, to engage in small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation – on a larger scale.

This legacy has been carried on to become what is now “Covenant High in Christ”, best recognized as “CHIC” by the 1,000s who attend and 10s of 1,000s who have attended, and continue to support this ministry. Through the years CHIC has been modified and diversified, innovated and revolutionized; however, a few key elements remain, the CHIC legacy is one of continued gathering for small group Bible study and devotion, large group gatherings with speakers and music, and outdoor recreation. Praise be to God, faithful throughout the ages.

Margo from DeerGrove Covenant Church in Palatine, Illinois, and CHIC2009 alum, shares,

“We need world changers. We need multiple generations of young people with bright dreams and a steady determination, men and women who will be moved by the miracles Christ is able to perform in their lives. CHIC (Covenant High in Christ) is a convention for senior high students where as a denomination we are able to give thoughtful tools, loving people and unforgettable experiences that will lead these students closer to God.

“Throughout five days in July students will have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and bigger than their youth group or church conference. Surrounded by other teens from throughout the country, CHIC provides students with the ability to learn about social injustices in a small setting, hear music from talented Christian artists, and be touched by speakers who strive to relate specially to youth.

“For some this time will be one of forgiveness and healing, others will be struck by the importance of serving our world, and if history repeats itself, for many students this will be a period of time where they will choose the way of the cross over the way of the crowd.  Hearts are stirred, goals are set and God shows us once again that He has the ability to surpass all expectations. The stories of these teens are important to God, and therefore each of their stories are important to us.”

Go to during the week of July 15-20 to see what’s going on at CHIC2012!


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