In just over a year from now, our senior high students will be heading to CHIC2012.  CHIC’s purpose is to be a catalyst that inspires Christ-like change; challenging students to see themselves as part of something bigger and inspiring students on the journey of following Christ. CHIC2012 is in Knoxville, Tennessee, July 14-20, 2012. This is an amazing week for our students.

Over the next months, these students will be hosting many fundraisers to help pay their way to CHIC2012. One of the fundraisers will be to “rent a kid.” Do you have some yard work you’d like done? Projects around the house to be accomplished? Leaves to be raked in the fall? Snow to be shoveled in the winter? There are so many projects they can help you with and earn their way to CHIC2012.

Be thinking about what projects you have for Rent-a-Kid. Beginning of August, we kick off  “Rent-a-Kid, and you can “hire” kids to do some work for you! If you have work that needs to be done before then, contact Justin to schedule your Rent-a-Kid!