Uth Life Book Mission Trip

The Life Book Movement is best described as a short-term mission trip in which high school students get the opportunity to offer the gift of The LIfe Book to their classmates during school. To date, over 555,000 copies have been given to high school students.
The Life Book’s unique design engages searching high school students with the truth of God’s Word as they are introduced to Jesus Christ. Using an interactive format with   honest student comments and real-life questions in the margins, readers are drawn into the only story that can change their lives forever.

AWCC’s Uth Group will embark on this outreach to their schools beginning May 16. Next Sunday we will pray for our uth in the service, as they go into their schools, with their sports teams, and their friends to give their friends a copy of the Life Book. Because it is legal for students to distribute religious literature in public schools, this unique approach provides an  opportunity for churches and youth ministries to get God’s Word in the hands of every student in every high school they serve.

With Saturations scheduled throughout the United States, the end goal is to eventually place God’s Word in the hands of 17.5 million high school students across the US.       Currently, AWCC is the only church in the Denver Metro area who is participating in this. Pray, pray and pray some more for our uth!

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