Senegal Care Package for the Mulays

The Mulays, our friends ministering in Senegal and whom we support on a monthly    basis,  have asked if we could put together a big “care package” to send over in June.

Here are things they are requesting if you would like to help put this together.  We are also asking for cash donations to help defray the airline fees for the family taking it over. Thanks so much!

A collection suitcase will be available the next three weeks.

  • Socks! — Ankle length-Men’s size 6-10, 10 Pair
  • Socks! — no peak style- Men’s size 6-10, 10 Pair
  • Koolaid — There is no such thing as too much!
  • Sport Shorts —  Knee length basketball style.  Boys XL (14-16, 4 Pair), Men’s XL (2 pair).
  • Bug Spray! 12 bottles, but it must be at least 25% deet!
  • Cough Drops (Honey Lemon, Regular, or Berry).  Can’t get enough of these either.  Dan brought 10 packs of 75 and Patty and Ryan whipped through them!
  • Cough & Cold (Store Brand), 3-4 boxes.
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