Message from the Women’s Ministry of the Zambiza Dump, Quito, Ecuador

Team Ecuador

Time to clean out your closets to help the Ecuador Team leaving in Sept.

We received this message after our last visit from the Women’s Ministry of the Zambiza Dump, Quito, Ecuador:

“Thank you, thank you for the yarn, needles and fabric pieces you brought to us last fall. We hope when you return this fall, you will be able to bring us more as we have used all you brought last year by May 2016.”

The Ecuador team is also very appreciative of your help for the past several years and would like to ask for your support once again. We know we are truly helping and blessing them when we see their poverty and grateful thanks. Your left over fabric and yarn go so far to help them.

Please bring yarn, needles and fabric pieces, 1/4 yard or larger, to put in our suitcases bound for Ecuador between August 7-September 4. If you wish you may donate money and we will shop for you and/or use the money to pay for extra suitcases. The suitcase will be in the church lobby.

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