Kidz Night Out Update

ThanksKidz Night Out provides a break for foster parents. It’s a time  of respite for the parents and it’s a night of FUN for the kids! We have a great night planned and the theme is “Thanks.”

Kidz Night Out has been growing. At the last one at Foothills Community Church, they had 80 kids! We don’t have room for quite that many, but in the past we’ve had 60 kids attend. That means we need lots of volunteers. A background check is required by Jefferson County.

Thanks to all who have already signed up to serve at Kids’ Night Out on November 15,
6-9 pm. There is room for more volunteers! If you would like to help with crafts, games, or food, or be a group leader with kids, please contact Craig and Vonnie Nelson or Tracy Thayer. Middle School and Senior High students are welcome to volunteer too!

We also need some supplies and some volunteer work ahead of time to prepare the
activities for the kids.

Supplies Needed:

  • Large boxes to make carnival booths for the games
  • A bag of cotton balls
  • Cooked noodles (for dinner)
  • Pots of chili (for dinner)
  • Shredded cheese (for dinner)
  • Bags of Fritos (for dinner)
  • Grape tomatoes, cut up jicama, and snap peas (for dinner)
  • Apples (for a snack)
  • Apples (for a craft), to be sliced, soaked in lemon juice and dehydrated
  • Ribbon (for crafts)


Preparations ahead of November 15:

  • Volunteers to create and paint the cardboard boxes into booths
  • Volunteers to cut out leaves, acorns, pumpkins, & handprints for crafts
  • Volunteers to slice, soak and dehydrate apples for a craft
  • Volunteers to make “circle targets” out of pool noodles for games

Volunteers Needed for Kidz Night Out on November 15:

  • 2-3 Volunteers to be Craft Leaders
  • 5-6 Volunteers to be Games Leaders
  • 2-3 Volunteers to lead the science center for the older kids
  • 20 Volunteers to be Group Leaders.  Two team leaders will lead 6 kids the whole night to experience each activity center.


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