Be a Prayer Partner!

Royal Family KIDS Camp is a camp for children who have been physically, emotionally,  and/or sexually abused or neglected and abandoned. It can be a challenging week, and the volunteers cannot make it without knowing that there are people who are lifting them up in prayer during the week.  There are 93 volunteers who will be serving on this mission trip this summer, and 14  AWCC family members who will be serving.

What is expected of you once you commit to being a prayer partner?

  • Commit to praying for your partner all during the week of June 16-21!
  • Write a note of encouragement or card and drop off in the basket in the lobby or give to Mikki & Will no later than June 9th.

These 14 people will be serving at on a mission trip with Royal Family KIDS Camp. Choose one or two to be praying for, and sign up on the sign up sheet in the lobby.

  • Steve Dratz, guide
  • Chris Dratz, guide
  • Amy Kiel, Dean of Jr. Staff
  • Kay Kiel, Photography Team Leader
  • Justin Le Vett, Portrait, Photographer
  • Mikki Le Vett, Camp Director
  • Will Le Vett, Camp Director
  • Charissa McCaslin, Camp Aunt
  • Guy McCaslin, Camp Uncle
  • Jessica McCaslin, Camp Coach
  • Luke McCaslin, Camp Coach
  • Vonnie Nelson, Guide
  • Craig Nelson, Fishing
  • Carson Stolper, Music and Photography



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