Ask the Lord of the Harvest

Just as Jesus sent the 72 into their own mission field, we are called to build relationships, invite them to participate in kingdom experiences and tell them the story of Jesus. The fields are indeed ripe for harvest.

For more than 20 years, Covenanters have made an annual commitment to pray for the salvation of those who need Jesus. “Bringing My World to Christ” and “What’s Your One Step?” have helped root prayer and evangelism deep
within Covenant culture. A new evangelism emphasis began in 2012 that builds on that foundation.

In your bulletin there were Ask the Lord of the Harvest brochures. A new innovation is the Prayer Quadrant, which is a simple tool to allow the Holy Spirit to prompt us by recalling the many relationships in our lives.  May God give you great faith and encouragement as you pray for those you love who are not followers of Jesus right now.

Fill these out and then next Sunday, March 24, bring back to church as an offering, the portion of the  brochure listing whom will be in your prayers.


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