Covenant World Relief

Covenant World Relief (CWR) is the Evangelical Covenant Church at work in the world. The church is at its best when it serves the most vulnerable. Through Covenant World Relief, Covenanters are participating in kingdom ministry. CWR has been working with the poor, the powerless, and the marginalized for more than 60 years! Many, many times CWR is first to respond to natural disasters that occur throughout the world.

CWR chooses to work through partnerships. Most of our partners are Covenant or Covenant-connected organizations. These partnerships leverage resources, empower local ministries, increase local involvement, reduce overhead, and facilitate immediate response to disaster and human suffering. CWR is committed to maximizing the amount of funds used in direct ministry. At least 90% of every donated dollar goes directly into ministry serving the most vulnerable.

Pick up your copy of the Covenant World Relief Gratitude and Giving Calendar. Each day, there’s something that we take for granted in our lives, and a way to contribute to CWR to make a difference in a life with need. It’s always a great way to give thanks each day this month for that which God has provided! You can write on the calendar each day how much that amount would be and then tally it up at the end of the month and write a check for that amount. Or you can donate that amount each day at your home. Families in Children’s Ministries are being given the soup can labels and lids today, so the kids can be part of giving. Remember, every penny counts!

Offerings will be collected for CWR at the Thanksgiving Eve Service, as well as for a few Sundays after Thanksgiving!


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